The Day I Was Ready

Today, I'm ready. Maybe I wasn't ready for a while, Maybe all I saw Was blood dripping down walls. But all I see now is a river Filled with a substance better than Water, honey, and melted gold Combined in any market ever sold. This riverbed is lined with pearl And I swim and slide... Continue Reading →


Answering Your Questions About My Conversion to Islam

There are times I have trouble telling about something concisely. I sometimes branch out into the deep rootlines of my life and then tangentially launch into the entire history of mankind. So, this post will be me making an effort to answer what you readers have asked me. "Alright already--get to the answers," you say.... Continue Reading →

This Place

I dream of a place. Population: 2. It's all quiet. Well, maybe for some who pass through; Not all hear its language, let alone understand it. There are no responsibilities, No naysayers, Nor the heaviness of shallow things, Only pools of electrified bubbles And forests of endless mountain-bordered trails for chatting. It is also where... Continue Reading →

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